A Happier Sales Team

Reduce wasted hours dialling manually, a dialer can improve your call centre team morale, and help them perform beyond your expectations.

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Inbound or Outbound Campaigns

Inbound, outbound or blended campaigns, Maximise Your Call Centre Agent Efficiency by reducing amount of time agent is waiting for a call to come through.

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To Record? or not to Record?

Record calls on demand or choose to record all calls to ensure Compliance, Improve Performance, Staff training and customer satisfaction.

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With a predictive Dialer Call Centre agents spend considerably more time talking with people, rather than manually punching telephone numbers, waiting for phone calls to get through, or giving up on busy lines and answering machines.

- John Spencer / Manchester

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Create Welcoming IVR Menus, Direct your callers to correct department, reduce waiting time, minimise agent transfer time. You can record your company's personlised greetings or get us to record a professional message by a voiceover artist for you.

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Cloud Based Call Centre

DrDialer can provide a complete cloud based hosted dialer solution so there is no need to install expensive hardware on your premises, freeing you to focus more on your business processes. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a working computer with headphones. Cloud based dialer allows you to spread your team globally, where you have amazing control over performance monitoring of your staff thousands of miles away from HQ.

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Increase Productivity

A Hosted Dialer gets your agents to talk with more people in less time. Dialer will filter out dead numbers and busy lines reducing agent wait time.


Staff Morale

With an Automatic dialer your staff will be less frustrated with dialling wrong numbers, scheduling call backs manually, wasting valuable working hours on repetitive unfruitful tasks. Better productivity would in turn mean better paid staff and consequently happier staff,

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Customer Satisfaction

With features like call recording, you could monitor and train your staff much more efficiently and better trained staff means better customer handling and more satisfied customers.

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Why Predictive Dialer?

  • More Calls More Sales.
  • Get Predictable Results
  • Increase Talk Time
  • Imrpove Return on Investment
  • Real-time Performance Stats
  • Affordable and Scaleable