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DrDialer Call Center Solutions Made Simple


Would Your Business Need An Auto Dialer?

If you are a Call Centre or your business needs to conduct telemarketing, lead generation by way of cold calling or outbound leads follow-up then you would appreciate the need for an automated dialing solution.

Auto dialer is a software/hardware tool that will dial many more numbers for you in less time than manual dialing. Automatd dialer can increase agent productivity in most cases by 30-80% and can even help in managing your data more efficiently.

A Phone dialer solution may include additional features such as agent pop-up screen with necessary details on the person or company being called as you’d need, an integrated Customer Relationship Manager software , optional call recording feature, a facility that will let you leave a pre-recorded voicemail, email templates, a pop-up calendar to schedule call backs, and a DNC(Do Not Call) remover.

The Auto dialer can house many useful management and training tools, and other useful add-ons. The auto dialer can be run in a Ratio or Predictive dialer mode which can further improve your calling efficiency. In the predictive mode the dialer can intelligently decide how many dials should be attempted based on number of agents currently logged in. This can be achieved completely independent of human intervention. provides easy to understand call centre solutions based on your requirements. Whether you are a small team of 5 agents or a large corporation with hundreds of agents spanning multiple continents we can assist you with most cost effective and reliable solution. The dialer software can be used for Inbound as well as Outbound campagins. For More information please call us on 01282 570000 to discuss your requirements further.